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Supported Products

comForte provides comprehensive support for the following products:

BatchPol BatchPol provides HP NonStop administrators with capabilities for configuring, executing, and monitoring NetBatch jobs - all through an intuitive interface.
BOSSBOSS delivers the sophisticated capabilities administrators require to intelligently control if, when, and how specific users can access corporate data and applications.
CSLClient Server Link (CSL) is a middleware that allows clients on any platform to access Pathway applications running on HP NonStop servers.
DRNetDRNet is a powerful, efficient data replication engine for HP NonStop server applications providing a feature-rich environment.
EMS EmPowerUse EMS EmPower to receive EMS event information without having a management console installed. Critical events can follow you any place you have: pager, Blackberry or e-mail access.
Escort Journaling
comForte Escort Journaling allows databases to be loaded on-line, while the "source" data files are being accessed and updated. This is especially important in cases where customers are upgrading from Enscribe to NonStop SQL, but have little or no downtime window for doing the actual data migration. 
Escort Ranger comForte Escort Ranger enhances HP NonStop system performance by determining optimal file partitioning ranges for Enscribe files and NonStop SQL tables as well as balancing data evenly across multiple disk partitions. 
Escort SQLEscort SQL performs automatic and rapid migration of HP Enscribe programs and databases to NonStop SQL. The migration is an incremental process, allowing a one-file-at-a-time transition, which reduces risk and completes the process in a number of small, easily-managed, steps.
JFTJFT is a Java-based GUI FTP client for comfortable, secure file transfers with NonStop and other servers.
JPathJPath extends time-tested legacy applications with a graphical user interface in modern web browser technology, and with additional functionality up to integration with modern applications
J6530J6530 is an easy-to-use web-browser-based terminal emulator for large end user bases that primarily need 6530 or 3270 functionality. Now available: J6530Touch, a HTML5 implementation of J6530 running on tablet PCs like the iPad.
maRungamaRunga enables the offloading of transactions – frequently, those less valuable transactions – into the Cloud without any requirement for NonStop services, middleware or tools. 
MR-Win6530MR-Win6530 is a powerful emulation package for HP NonStop, IBM, or Unix systems, combining outstanding performance and security with unique features specifically designed to support HP NonStop users.
PANfinder™PANfinder™ is a comprehensive PAN data discovery software solution which scans systems for any unprotected PAN data.
PrimeCodePrimeCode is a Software Configuration Management tool designed to manage software changes throughout the entire software life cycle on the proprietary HP NonStop Guardian and OSS operating systems.
PrimeCode is only distributed and supported by comForte in Australia, New Zealand and most countries in Asia, including India and China.
RelayServletThe RelayServlet is a web application that runs on a web server in a servlet container and acts as a Telnet proxy for 6530 or 3270 terminal client connections.
SafePoint®SafePoint® offers an intuitive, centralized interface that enables administrators to more efficiently and effectively manage Safeguard security. With SafePoint, administrators get a single solution for managing, monitoring and reporting upon multiple NonStop systems – which yields significant time and cost savings.
SecurCSSecurCS adds SSL encryption to TCP/IP based protocols such as Telnet, RSC, or MQ.
SecurDataSecurData provides a powerful solution for the tokenization of sensitive data. SecurData is a tokenization solution which replaces sensitive data such as Primary Account Numbers (PAN) with tokens for use within payment systems and related applications.
SecurData/Audit provides intelligent and transparent logging of access to sensitive data. SecurData/Audit adds application level auditing to your existing applications without requiring any application changes. 
SecurData/24SecurData/24 is based on SecurData/Tokenization and is specifically designed to provide BASE24 users with tokenization and encryption capabilities. It provides organizations with a PCI compliant solution for the protection of PANs in BASE24.
SecurFTPSecurFTP provides secure file transfer between NonStop systems and other platforms, adding SSL and SSH encryption to FTP connectivity.
SecurLibSecurLib enables the integration of SSL encryption into self-written TCP/IP applications. It also enables database encryption and easy access to cryptographic algorithms. Now available: SecurLib/SSL-AT providing application transparent encryption.
SecurOSSecurOS is a bundle of proven comForte security solutions providing encryption of data-in-motion (it consists of SecurCS, SecurFTP, and SecurSH).
SecurPrintSecurPrint allows secure transport of print data to remote printers or print spoolers across a TCP/IP network.
SecurSHSecurSH provides full secure shell (ssh) connectivity for HP NonStop servers including full pseudo TTY support.
SecurSSOWith SecurSSO, users can log onto HP NonStop Servers through their existing Windows credentials, and gain single sign-on access to all authorized applications, including TACL and other NonStop services.
SecurTapeSecurTape transparently adds encryption to backup tapes written on the NonStop system
SecurTNSecurTN is a powerful Telnet server, providing secure and manageable high volume Telnet access to applications running on HP NonStop systems.
SecurWVPSecurWVP is a security pack for the Web ViewPoint product from HP.
Web ViewPoint is a web based Operation Management and Performance monitoring tool for HP's NonStop Servers.
Spool EmPowerWith Spool EmPower, you can distribute Spooler Reports to a wide array of destinations such as E-Mail, FTP, Fax, FTP or printers connected to local PCs.
TAL2CTAL2C is a compiler/converter to compile Tandem Application Language (TAL) source into ANSI C/C++. It provides robust and repeatable conversion, and automatic compilation with no inherent manual stage.
TOPThe Operations Pack is an easy-to-use management tool providing command access to your HP NonStop Expand network, subsystems and components, wrapped in an Explorer type interface.
uLingaEnables the communication between HP NonStop systems and IBM mainframe servers using the TCP/IP protocol. It eliminates the need to retain the SNA protocol. Available for CICS, IMS, EE and DLSw.