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Remote Desktop Sharing

Using Gotoassist (, a safe and secure desktop-sharing solution, comForte can be "virtually present" on your PC and thereby answer questions more efficiently than when using e-mail or phone only.

To use the technology, you first will need to have a telephone conversation with a comForte analyst. The following steps will establish a desktop-sharing session:


  • Windows:
    The software consists of a single EXE file (Gotoassist.exe) which you can download here.

    MD5 hash: 356E1D02E630D46D483AB8DA05E7FFBA
    SHA-1 hash: 7E8D62C09AB12F555F280146EDEB1BD7B6A5D501 
    You can also download the software as a ZIP package ( here.

    MD5 hash: E3CC1EEB0BC64CA42A0BD4267BC6531C
    SHA-1 hash: 6F1DB66AB23B4F06B78A7ACFC2B8C8E9A7E51789

  • Mac:
    You can also download the software as a ZIP package ( here.

    MD5 hash: 7C4F989F86E4A70FA4896D625CDE0D67
    SHA-1 hash: AB28BE8030461097BC346B721802EA17115E1B3A

There is no need to install software or open up firewalls.

  1. Download
  2. Start the client by running the EXEcutable (for multiple usage, you can store the EXE file on your computer).
  3. The comForte analyst will give you a "session number" to set up the connection and then guide you through the further steps.