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Reasons to choose comForte's encryption solutions

Many vendors are offering products which will encrypt network traffic from/to your NonStop system. However, network encryption is a complex field and you should make sure you pick a vendor who has the necessary expertise. Network security is one of comForte's core competencies, enabling us to guide you through some of the intricacies of the protocols in use.

comForte's first SSL implementation shipped in 2000, making it a robust product which is in productive use on more than 50 NonStop server sites world-wide. In 2004, comForte added SSH-based encryption solutions which are also in widespread productive use by now.

The encryption product set was enhanced ever since, resulting in a very comprehensive set of products which includes a full range of SSL- and SSH-enabled terminal emulators as well as software-based encryption of backup tapes.

Even with our rich product set every customer is different. We have a proven track-record of implementing customer-specific requirements in a short time frame.

All our solutions are built specifically for the NonStop server platform and are offered at a competitive price.