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Terminal Emulation

Make the right choice for your users

For terminal emulation access, providing the right tools for different user roles in an enterprise is very important. comForte provides powerful terminal emulation solutions for both power and end users. Our solutions are specifically designed to support large user bases in accessing NonStop server applications, thus helping to cut down costs of software deployment and administration.

MR-Win6530High-performance Windows terminal emulation package with advanced features for developers and system administrators, supporting NonStop server 6530, IBM 3270 and VT220 terminal connections
J6530Web browser based terminal emulation with central deployment on the NonStop server, supporting HP NonStop 6530 and IBM 3270 terminal connections
JPathWeb browser based GUI extension for Tandem 6530 and IBM 3270 terminal-based access, improving legacy application usability and integration
SecurTN High-performance Telnet Server supporting Tandem 6530 and VT Terminal Emulation access to NonStop servers