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Encryption of Data in Transit

Connecting to NonStop systems via shared networks may expose sensitive data such as passwords or business information to internal or external attackers. comForte offers a rich set of security solutions to encrypt data in transit among a wide range of protocols.

Find the right product at the table below or click here for a table showing which protocol is implemented for which type of data by the various comForte products.

You are looking for...comForte provides...
Encrypted File TransferSecure file transfer solutions for NonStop systems and other platforms, supporting standards such as FTP-TLS and SSH/SFTP
Encrypted MiddlewareODBC, RSC, HTTP, MQ Series,EXPAND over IP - our encryption suite can add SSL encryption to almost any client/server or middleware protocol
Encrypted Network PrintingSolutions providing secure transport of print data across the network
Encrypted TelnetTelnet clients and servers with built-in SSL as well as solutions to add SSL to existing Telnet infrastructure
Encryption of home-grown ApplicationsEasily integrate SSL into your own socket applications