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Encrypted Telnet

Solutions to secure the Telnet data stream

Encrypting the Telnet data stream is the first priority when it comes to protecting sensitive data from LAN sniffer attacks. comForte provides a rich set of Terminal emulation clients and servers with built-in Telnet session encryption.

Emulation ClientDescription
MR-Win6530High performance terminal emulation package for Windows with built-in SSL and SSH encryption support
J6530Web browser based terminal emulation with built-in SSL and SSH encryption support
JPathWeb browser based GUI extension for terminal-based applications with built-in SSL encryption support
Server Encryption ProductDescription
SecurSHSSH-based encryption for OSS shell, TACL and file transfer
SecurCSSSL-based encryption for Telnet and other protocols
SecurTNHigh-performance Telnet Server for NonStop systems with built-in SSL support