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Legacy Extension and Integration Solutions

Think BIG - start SMALL - realize Quick Wins

comForte offers a number of solutions to leverage your legacy system and help you solve your legacy problems. Think BIG - in terms of new standards and demands. Start SMALL - not with a "big bang" replacement but with a smart integration of comForte solutions into your existing legacy system. And realize quick wins - when your proven solution becomes even more powerful.

You are looking for...comForte provides...
Web-enabled Legacy AccessTerminal Emulations written in Java that are installed once and deployed as applets to the Web-Browser for access from anywhere.
GUI for LegacyTools to rejuvenate your Green Screens, while the host application remains unchanged.
SOA Integration

J2EE,.NET and SOAP Integration
Adapters to integrate host applications into an existing J2EE,.NET or SOAP environment in order to benefit from modern technology standards.