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comForte’s products ready for HP NonStop X

Through the x86 EAP program comForte has been participating in the x86 porting program early on. comForte thus proudly announces the x86-readiness of the following products.


This is what Gertraud Hermann, delivery manager of comForte says on the migration work: "As nearly all of our products use native compilers and PC-based development environments, the process was rather smooth. Looking back in time, we went from type 700 object file format ("S-Series" or TNS-R) to type 800 object file format ("Itanium/Blade series" or TNS-E) to, now, type 500 object file format ("x86" or TNS-X). The transition has been rather smooth every single time – the actual code changes required were minuscule. We are looking forward to see customers using our products on x86 and we will provide the required support for any migration projects at no extra cost."