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Improve your NonStop’ness. Better always on!

Today’s demands of mission critical businesses and customers are ever increasing. Unreliable and unavailable systems and applications are not an option.
Minimizing downtime whilst maximising security and operational efficiency is therefore paramount for the IT department.
If your light is going out, your business and your customers can get in trouble.
Systems and applications can’t stop; they must be on, always!

comForte Better Always On solutions help you gain …

  • Better Infrastructure - Make the most of best in class communications and connectivity solutions by providing end users and system administrators with high performance, secure and reliable access to NonStop systems.
  • Better Security - Protect your mission critical data-in transit and at-rest. Improve your overall security posture on NonStop and achieve compliance with industry standards and regulations.
  • Better Applications - Modernize your legacy applications from the database layer, through better integration in the Enterprise all the way to refreshing the applications Graphical User Interface.