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Integrated solution for securing Telnet access

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SecurTN provides secure and manageable high volume Telnet access to applications running on HP NonStop systems. It combines the functionality of a powerful Telnet server with session encryption and auditing facilities in a single, integrated product.

OPTIONAL: support of 3270 emulation protocolConveniently connect to 3270 telnet servers with SecurTN/3270 and replace existing 3270 Telnet Server products.
Dynamic Pathway TERM creationDynamic creation of Pathway TERMs with meaningful names, reducing management overhead for Pathway applications with large user bases.
Support of SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0SecurTN takes advantage of the most widely used and accepted security standard.
Support of strong ciphersUtmost protection of your valuable data with encryption standards such as 168 bit 3DES or 256 bit AES.
Support of Public Key InfrastructureBoth client and server authentication are supported with RSA Key sizes of up to 2048 bit.
Powerful Telnet serverUnlike TELSERV, which has a limit of 256 Telnet sessions per instance, SecurTN supports an unlimited number of sessions per process. SSL is tightly integrated into SecurTN.
AuditingSecurTN optionally creates Auditing events and writes them to an EMS collector where it can be viewed and filtered using standard procedures.
Provide workstation informationSecurTN can retrieve the following information from Windows-based workstations: Windows user name, IP address, Windows DNS name.
Integrated SolutionSecurTN integrates SSL, auditing, access control and a powerful Telnet server into a single solution ideally suited for high-volume Telnet access in sensitive environments.
In productive use since 2001Proven and robust product with an excellent track record.