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Software-based encryption for NonStop backup tapes

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SecurTape provides software-based encryption to secure the data at rest on your NonStop backup tapes. It co-operates with the standard NonStop Tape utilities BACKUP, RESTORE and BACKCOPY, MEDIACOM and BR2, as well the TMF audit & online dump and restore software, transparently adding the encryption and decryption of the data.

Software-based solutionLower cost alternative to hardware solutions
Support of strong ciphersUtmost protection of your valuable data with encryption standards such as 256 bit AES/CBC
Public/private key cryptography and a key storeMaximum security for private keys; each tape has its individual bulk encryption key 
Extremly fast data compressionReduced overall CPU consumption minimizing the amount of data to encrypted or decrypted; prevents increased consumption of tape space
Parallel processing in multiple NonStop CPUsOutstanding data throughput (in many cases even faster than standard BACKUP/RESTORE); minimal system impact
Works with existing proceduresEncryption can be added by a simple modification of the existing BACKUP command
10 minute installationEasy to configure and manage; small footprint on NonStop server
Export keys for restoring tapes on other systemsMultiple site / multiple node solution
Supports standard backup/restore, TMF , BR2 and PAK 
Encrypting unencrypted tapes without first restoring to disk 
Allows using unlabeled tapes, labeled tapes, tape catalog  
Tight control over key access due to built-in split knowledge and dual control  
Supports physical tape devices as well as virtual tape devices