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True Single Sign-on Solution for HP NonStop using the Kerberos Network Authentication Protocol

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SecurSSO implements a subset of the Kerberos Standard on the HP NonStop platform. The solution is compatible with Microsoft Active Directory and other Kerberos-based single sign-on solutions. SecurSSO cooperates with HP NonStop SSH or SecurSH, to provide both user and host authentication via SSH.

Kerberos Support via GSSAPIStandards-based, mature and robust network authentication. Seamless integration with many prevalent SSO solutions.
Integration with Active DirectoryLeverage of existing investments in Active Directory and strong authentication infrastructure in an organization's Windows environment, such as smart cards or one-time password tokens. Enhanced security and compliance enforcing Active Directory password policies and access control mechanisms for NonStop logons.
True Single Sign-On implementationReduced password management burdens for both users and support organizations. Increased user productivity by eliminating time and hassle of password dialogs.
Enables programmatic access to authenticated Kerberos user IDSingle sign-on can be extended to custom applications.
Auditing and remediationThe ability to link a TACL or application user to an Active Directory identity simplifies the security auditing and remediation process.
Enables SSH key exchange via KerberosSecurSSO eliminates the need for users to manage or verify SSH host keys.