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Secure Shell for HP NonStop servers 

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-please look at SecurFTP/SSH if only secure file transfer is required

SecurSH is an enterprise security solution to provide secure shell connectivity for HP NonStop servers. It delivers end-to-end communications security, strong authentication and auditing for system administration, file transfer, and applications connectivity. SecurSH is designed to address the most critical security requirements of large enterprises, financial institutions and government agencies.

SSHLIB / SSHAPISSHLIB as optional extra allows describing the external interface offered by the SSH application program interface (API). SSHLIB is used for launching an SSH object and controlling it automatically by an application via the SSH API. SSHLIB can simplify the task of controlling status or resources on a remote host. It is also helpful to automate setup scripts for duplicating software package installations on different servers. Using this library unlocks the powerful Tcl Expect like pattern matching that has been built into SSHLIB. 
SSH GSSAPI/Kerberos 5 user authentication Single sign-on integration with Microsoft Active Directory and other Kerberos-based SSO solutions enhances user productivity and security
Fully compliant to the SSH2 protocol specificationCooperates with SSH solutions on Unix, Windows, or other platforms
OSS pseudo terminalsFully-featured, secure terminal access for administrators and developers with ability to run full screen terminal applications such as vi or emacs.
Remote command executionAbility to include NonStop servers in cross-platform operational procedures
SFTP file transfer with seamless OSS and Guardian supportImmediate file transfer security supporting file transfers directly from/to the target environment
Generic port forwardingCommunications security for any application based on TCP sockets
FTP port forwardingAbility to secure existing FTP infrastructure without changes. Firewall-friedly FTP over a single SSH connection.
SecurSH supports TCP/IP version 4 and version 6, as well as dual mode, i.e. mixed IPv6/IPv4.Allows integration into an IPv6 network and participation in the advantages of IPv6.
Please see more about IPv6 advantages and benefits.
Built-in user database with ability to limit access to subset of files or transfer operations.Fine grained access control for the most advanced security requirements
Public key authenticationAbility to replace weak password-based user logon with strong authentication mechanism
Central key store and SSH agentMaximum security for private keys. Easy and secure implementation of batch processes without having to use passwords in batch files
Advanced auditing capabilitiesEasy tracking of who is accessing your system via SSH or SFTP and what operations are executed, enabling to comply to internal and external security policies
Extensive support of the NonStop platformOutstanding performance and availability leveraging the platform's native mechanisms for inter-process communication, load balancing and fault tolerance
OSS not required yet fully supported if presentSmall footprint, ease of use and management for systems that do not require OSS for other applications