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SecurPrint implements the SSL/TLS protocol as a plug-in for FASTPTCP, the HP NonStop TCP/IP network print process.

Printers or print spoolers which do not support the SSL/TLS protocol can be SSL-enabled using a secure remote proxy or LPD server which is included with the product.

Like all comForte security products, SecurPrint consists of only a small set of files and is easy to install and to configure.

Support of SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0SecurPrint takes advantage of the most widely used and accepted security standard
Support of strong ciphersUtmost protection of your valuable data with encryption standards such as 168 bit 3DES or 256 bit AES.
Easy migration from plain to secure printingMigration is done as easy as replacing an object file and doing very little changes to the FASTCNFG configuration file
SSL-enabling of remote printersSecurPrint comes with a SSL proxy allowing to SSL-enable remote printers