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Adding SSL and SSH encryption to FTP connectivity

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SecurFTP provides secure file transfer between NonStop systems and other platforms. It supports a rich set of platforms and protocols and can be integrated in existing FTP environments very easily.

SecurFTP comes in two "flavours" supporting either the SSL or SSH encryption standard (or both) - please see here for a comparison of the two.

SFTPAPI SFTPAPI as optional extra allows an FTPAPI application to establish an SFTP session instead of an FTP session. Minor changes in the FTPAPI application code converts the application to an SFTPAPI application. 
GSSAPI/Kerberos 5 user authentication for SSHSingle sign-on integration with Microsoft Active Directory and other Kerberos-based SSO solutions enhances user productivity and security
Support of the FTP-TLS standard (RFC 4217)Compatibility with a wide range of SSL-enabled FTP solutions for the PC and other platforms
SSH/SFTP file transfer supportImmediate secure file transfers with any system supporting SSH
Remote SSL FTP ProxyAny-to-Any solution from a single provider, allowing to add SSL to existing FTP clients or servers on any platform
Java-based GUI FTP client (JFT)Comfortable, secure transfers with NonStop systems and other servers on any Java-enabled platform; no client installation if deployed as applet
Smart Card and USB Token supportUtmost access protection of your NonStop systems with strong client and server authentication
Firewall functionalityAbility to limit access to your system; unencrypted access to your system can be disabled if required
Works with existing FTP solutionsNo changes to current transfer procedures required to implement SSL security
10 minute installationEasy to configure and manage; small footprint on NonStop server
In productive use since 2002Proven and robust product with an excellent track record