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SSL encryption for TCP/IP based protocols such as Telnet, RSC, MQ or EXPAND

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SecurCS will enhance the security of protocols such as Telnet, Remote Server Call (RSC), Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) or MQ Series by transparently adding SSL encryption capabilities to the protocol. It also allows to encrypt traffic on EXPAND lines connecting multiple NonStop servers.
Support of SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0SecurCS takes advantage of the most widely used and accepted security standard
Support of strong ciphersUtmost protection of your valuable data with encryption standards such as 168 bit 3DES or 256 bit AES
Smart Card and USB Token supportAccess protection of your NonStop systems with strong client and server authentication
Firewall functionalityAbility to limit access to your system; unencrypted access to your system can be disabled if required
Auditing of network trafficOptionally, SecurCS can be used to write an audit log of all network traffic. This can be useful for protocols such as ODBC or Telnet when a complete byte-to-byte dump of the network traffic is desired
Works with existing solutionsSecurCS requires no changes to your applications to be installed
10 minute installationEasy to configure and manage; small footprint on NonStop server
High flexibility in Telnet environmentscomForte provides three different 6530 emulators with built in SSL. Using the RemoteProxy component of SecurCS, SecurCS will also encrypt Telnet traffic when using 6530 emulators without built-in SSL support. comForte also provides the product SecurTN which is more appropriate for high-volume Telnet environments. This gives you a lot of flexibility for your Telnet environment.
In productive use since 2000Proven and robust product with an excellent track record