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Boost security while reducing administration time and costs

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With SafePoint®, organizations can dramatically streamline Safeguard security administration, while enabling administrators to gain better control over security policies and mechanisms.


NEW:  Keystroke Logging (KSL)

SafePoint/KSL provides NonStop keystroke auditing and reporting.  It enables organizations to track and monitor all access to network resources and card holder data helping them to achieve PCI DSS compliance.
Centralized Administration of Multiple SystemsBy centralizing and significantly streamlining administration, SafePoint enables one person to manage security across all of an enterprise's NonStop Systems.
Robust ReportingBy offering a centralized, intuitive vehicle for auditing and reporting on all NonStop security transactions, SafePoint significantly streamlines the process of preparing for and undertaking auditing and compliance initiatives.
Real-Time Alarms and AnalysisProvides real-time alarms of security events, enabling administrators to effectively and quickly act on the security data being tracked.
Robust Security ControlsWith capabilities for synchronizing security policies across all HP NonStop systems, linking personnel data to Safeguard data, and much more, SafePoint® enables organizations to strengthen their overall security posture.