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CSL - Client Server Link

Secure and efficient Pathway access from any platform

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Client Server Link (CSL) provides secure access to servers running on HP NonStop systems from a rich variety of client programming and runtime environments with a single infrastructure. It allows client and enterprise application developers to concentrate on the business logic rather than struggling with technical details of NonStop and Pathway applications. 

CSL provides a variety of options to meet your individual requirements.
CSL is Converged Infrastrucutre Ready CSL runs on NonStop Blade Systems and that it makes use of one or more of the modern and open software infrastructure components on NonStop such as iTP web server and the Eclipse development environment. 
SOAP & Web Services Allows transparently exposing new or existing Pathway servers as Web Services. While relying on the industry standard product gSOAP (Open Source) Interoperability with any SOAP client environment is provided.
Remote server call infrastructureEnables hybrid, multi-tiered architectures offloading presentation and data conversion services from the NonStop server to better-suited platforms.
Application programming interfaces (APIs) for C/C++, Delphi, Visual Basic, Java and .NETNo limitation regarding programming language and platform when implementing new clients for your Pathway applications.
Supports the JEE Connector Architecture (JCA)Deployment to any standard JEE container (e.g. BEA Weblogic Server, IBM Websphere, JBoss, etc.); easy implementation of scalable, secure and transactional enterprise applications with Pathway server connectivity.
Supports .NET enterprise environmentsEasy development of .NET enterprise applications accessing Pathway using CSL's 100% managed code serviced components
Compatible to HP's RSC
(16 and 32 Bit)
Existing RSC applications run without code changes; Investment protection and significant cost reduction for remote server call infrastructure
CSL StudioEnables Nonstop Application experts to visually design services from existing Pathway solutions; developers can generate easy-to-use service proxy code for their target environment (Java, J2EE, .Net) without knowing NonStop or Pathway application details.
Integrated SSL/TLS protocolConfidentiality of sensitive data enforced by the most widely used security protocol
Fully integrated TMF supportEasy transaction control by the client or the application server's resource manager
No Java or OSS required on NonStopSmall footprint on NonStop server; easy administration
Graphical Monitoring and Statistics toolsComprehensive performance planning and analysis of all communication over CSL
Support of Single Sign On Client applications using the CSL C/C++ and CSL .NET API can take advantage of Single-Sign-On by using SecurSSO when accessing applications on NonStop.

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