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Migrate from SNA to TCP/IP - Safely and Easily

uLinga enables the communication between HP NonStop systems and IBM mainframe servers using the TCP/IP protocol and it offers NonStop users the opportunity to migrate from SNA to TCP/IP seamlessly and transparently, with lower risk to the business-critical applications relying on SNA today.

NEW in Rel 2.1 - WebCon DashboardWebCon provides easy and intuitive browser based configuration and monitoring. WebCon uses HTML5 and can support any mobile device.
NEW in Rel 2.1 - WebCon Tooltips WebCon tooltips provides context sensitive information and help. 
NEW in Rel 2.1 - Rolling Traces  Rolling traces meets a demand for much larger traces than a wrapping trace can produce - as problem diagnosis may require examination of events sometime in the past. A rolling trace can span multiple disk files - the number of disk files is specified by the user. 
NEW in Rel 2.1 - Pathsend Support Pathsend support allows any uLinga process to act as a Pathsend client to an existing (or new) TS/MP (Pathway) application. 
Supports EE uLinga for Enterprise Extender (EE) provides better integration of HP NonStop servers with the SNA APPN networking world. 
Supports DLSw uLinga for DLSw removes the need for configuration and management of native SNA communication links and allows data centre routers to focus on switching and processing IP packets. All network traffic from SNA client devices (such as ATMs or POS terminals) will still have access to the same host server processes without any application changes required. uLinga for DLSw supports all HP NonStop IP communication interfaces including the CLIM allowing the customer flexibility in their choice of NonStop hardware. 
Support for the CICS IP Intercommunications protocol and IMSCooperates with CICS and IMS in the recommended and standardised manner by IBM
Online ConfigurationProvides the ability to administer and manage the process in real time, and thereby improving uptime
Leverages NonStop Platform FundamentalsOutstanding performance and availability leveraging the platform’s native mechanisms for inter-process communication, load balancing and fault tolerance
Support for a Raw Socket Interface to a NonStop ApplicationAllows application to focus on business logic rather than complex message handling infrastructure
Support for $Receive Interface to a NonStop ApplicationAllows application to focus on business logic rather than complex message handling infrastructure
Inbuilt Tracing facilitiesAssists in support and fault finding and thus enabling shorter problem diagnosis and less down time
Uses standard NonStop logging facilitiesLeverages standardized facilities requiring less training for administrators and operators