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The RelayServlet

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What is the RelayServlet?

The RelayServlet is a web application that runs on a web server in a servlet container and acts as a Telnet proxy for 6530 or 3270 terminal client connections.

What does it do?

In simple terms, the RelayServlet relays telnet connections from comForte's Java terminal clients (J6530 and JPath) to a host system which means that the terminal client does not have a direct connection to the host. Instead, the client connects to the RelayServlet, which in turn creates the connection to the host and "relays" all telnet traffic between client and host.

What are the RelayServlet's Benefits?

Using the comForte RelayServlet has the following features and benefits:

Integration with web portalsHost systems are made available for external users or access from outside the intranet.
Information hidingThe host IP address, user name and password can be hidden from the users.
Authorization of external usersAdditional security can be established by using the web server access control mechanism.
Connection monitoringCurrent connections can be monitored or closed.
HTTP tunnelingFirewall issues are resolved as no separate port has to be used for Telnet traffic any more.
HTTPS securitySession encryption provided by the web server is automatically inherited.