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Graphical User Interface for HP NonStop 6530 and IBM 3270 Applications

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JPath rapidly extends time-tested legacy applications with a platform-independent graphical user interface in modern web browser technology. JPath can be used to enhance the application usability, to stream-line business processes, and to integrate legacy with other enterprise applications.

"On-the-fly" conversionDynamic, rule-based conversion of all screens without reengineering the host-based application
Authoring toolQuick configuration without programming
Developer featuresExtension of the host application's functionality; integration of legacy applications with modern applications, phased reengineering and migration to modern application technology
InternationalizationDisplay of user interface and host screen texts in the user's native language without reengineering the host-based screens
Multi-sessionHandling of concurrent sessions to one or more hosts
Central configuration and deploymentReduction of installation, support, and training costs
Platform independenceImmediate access to hosts from any Java enabled workstation
Secure connectionsSecure Telnet connections using both the SSL and TLS standard to ensure confidentiality and protect sensitive business information
HTTP tunnelingNo changes to existing firewalls as no additional ports are required for Telnet traffic