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J6530 Touch

HTML5-based Terminal Emulator for HP 6530 on Tablet PC

  • J6530 on iPad
    J6530Touch on iPad
  • J6530 on iPad
    J6530Touch version 0.8 on iPad (Screen Shot) - Start Screen with different session profiles
  • J6530 on iPad
    J6530Touch version 0.8 on iPad (Screen Shot) - with function keys and full screen mode
  • J6530 on iPad
    J6530Touch version 0.8 on iPad (Screen Shot) - full screen mode

J6530Touch is an easy-to-use web-browser-based terminal emulator for HP NonStop 6530 and for IBM 3270 connections which provides quick and easy access on any Tablet PC. J6530Touch combines the advantages of an HP Nonstop host with those of a touch-screen tablet computer. E.g. the server is accessed easily while walking through a warehouse environment.

No installationImmediate access to hosts from any HTML5-capable web browser
Central configuration and accessReduction of installation, support, and training costs
Platform IndependenceRunning with HTML and JavaScript-in any HTML5 capable web browser.
Firewall FriendlyFirewall issues are avoided by tunneling the Telnet traffic over the HTTP or secure HTTPS protocols. No additional port has to be used for telnet traffic
Secure ConnectionsTelnet traffic from client via HTTPS secure connections is possible. And on the servlet side all connections to the host can be secured via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or via the Secure Shell (SSH) encryption protocol