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Java Terminal Emulator for HP NonStop 6530 and IBM 3270

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J6530 is an easy-to-use web-browser-based terminal emulator for secure 6530 and 3270 connections. It provides quick and easy on-demand access from anywhere in the Intranet or Internet.

NEW: SSH GSSAPI/Kerberos 5 user authentication Single sign-on integration with Microsoft Active Directory and other Kerberos-based SSO solutions enhances user productivity and security
Central Profile ManagementCentral presetting and limiting of J6530's appearance and functionality by the system administrator
Multi-session and multi-host accessHandling of concurrent sessions to one or more hosts within a single window
Customized windowsLocal adjustment of J6530's appearance by the user
National language supportDisplay of applications running on the host and of the user interface itself in the user's own language
Java-based GUI FTP client (JFT)Comfortable, secure file transfers with NonStop and other servers
HTTP tunnelingNo changes to existing firewalls as no additional ports are required for Telnet traffic
Central configuration and deploymentReduction of installation, support, and training costs
Platform independenceImmediate access to hosts from any Java enabled workstation
Secure connectionsSecure Telnet connections using the SSL/TLS standard as well as the SSH encryption protocol to ensure confidentiality and protect sensitive business information