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NonStop for Dummies

What is HP NonStop for Dummies

Update January 2016 - NonStop for Dummies was a great success, unfortunately resulting in the book being out of print now. We also can't provide PDF's anymore for contractual reasons.

We are, however, considering a Second Edition if there is enough interest. So, if you are interested in an updated, Second Edition of the NonStop for Dummies Book please let us know by completing the form here.

NonStop for Dummies

Do you know the "For Dummies" book series by Wileys' publishing?

If not, here is what Wikipedia has to say: For Dummies is an extensive series of instructional/reference books which are intended to present non-intimidating guides for readers new to the various topics covered. The series has been a worldwide success with editions in numerous languages.

Whether you know the brand or not, the most important bit is that it is a "reference series" - the idea of every book is to provide a short and consice introduction to a topic.

Which is exactly what the comForte author team had in mind when creating this book with the help of Wileys: Create a short, consice introduction to the fabulous HP NonStop platform. Beyond that, the book does correct some common misconceptions about the platform ("expensive", "inflexible") – see the following interview for details.

The book has about 50 pages and is written both for "Newbies" as well as for experienced NonStop folks. From the foreword:

Keeping up with technology trends is hard in itself - dealing with a platform that has a legacy of nearly 40 years might be even more of a challenge. Of course there is a wide range of public information available on HP NonStop, but to the best of our knowledge there is no platform primer available prior to this book. This book is an attempt at presenting a concise, short overview of the HP NonStop platform.