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Secure Java File Transfer complements J6530 and SecurFTP

November 1, 2004

comForte's new secure Java-based File Transfer client - JFT - is now available for download. As announced previously, comForte complements its J6530 and SecurFTP solutions by the fully-featured graphical FTP client, supporting the FTP-TLS standard for SSL encrypted FTP sessions. The new JFT can be deployed to remote systems as a Java applet or Web Start application using any web server, including the Secure Web and Proxy (SWAP) Server delivered as part of J6530 and SecurFTP. For SSL-encrypted file transfers the client interoperates with SecurFTP's NonStop server components. Using JFT secure file transfers can be implemented without any installation required on the user workstations.

Besides central configuration, JFT offers multi-host and host-to-host capabilities, meaning the user is enabled to hold several connections with one or more hosts simultaneously and to transfer files directly from one host to another without intermediate storage on the local machine.

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