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MR-Win6530 delivered on HP NonStop System Console, for details please see here.

The Workplace for HP NonStop Servers
MR-Win6530 provides Microsoft Windows users with a powerful yet easy-to-use emulation package for HP NonStop, IBM or Unix system access. It combines outstanding performance and security with unique features specifically designed to support users of HP NonStop systems. MR-Win6530 turns your Windows desktop into an integrated, comfortable and secure workplace for both application and system level access to NonStop Servers.

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NEW:  Find functionality in 6530 terminal bufferWith this feature you can search specified strings within the terminal buffer 
Log window for Transfer sessionsWhile working in a Transfer session, the commands and server responses can now be logged into a log window
Tabbed Document Interface (TDI), improvements on dockable windows, customizable session tabs Customize your workspace using the new options provided by the application GUI (Graphical User Interface)
SSH GSSAPI/Kerberos 5 user authenticationSingle sign-on integration with Microsoft Active Directory and other Kerberos-based SSO solutions enhances user productivity and security.
Seamless switchingDynamically switch between Guardian/OSS modes
Session Monitor BarA side bar with small views of all active sessions, eases monitoring and switching multiple sessions.
Inline command editor & historyTremendously increased productivity when using command line interfaces, such as TACL.
Workspaces, dockable windows, customizable toolbars, context menus, macrosHighly productive, customized working environment. Increases productivity of system managers, operators, as well as application users
Secure SSL and SSH Sessions and file transfersStrong protection of sensitive business information such as passwords
Syntax-highlighting Editor for host filesProvides speed and advanced capabilities of a modern windows editor for host based files.
Local printing of host spooler jobsPrinting of host generated printouts to any printer in your Windows environment without need for any network printing software for the host spooler
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