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DataOne Asia DataOne Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. [contact]
DataOne Asia is a strategic partner with world class brand name owners. Coupled with experiences in systems integration business, data center and outsourcing service for more than 20 years, so the Company has capability to propose technology which has been accepted worldwide and international stand services to the customers. We have a policy to be strategic partner to propose high potential products and services with maximum efficiency to the customers.
Hexaon Business Mitrasindo Hexaon Business Mitrasindo [contact]
is one of the foremost Integrated Technology provider in Indonesia today. It combines leading edge technology with the best of breed solutions to offer the best, reliable, value added solutions to its clients. HBM is based in Jakarta with branches in Surabaya and Yogjakarta. Hexaon Business Mitrasindo is comForte’s distributor for Indonesia.
High Availability Systems High Availability Systems [contact]
System Integration for HP NonStop solution in Japan. Solution Package development and sales. Call Center Solution Package (BETEX) support. Client Server System Development on Multi Platform.
International Turnkey Systems International Turnkey Systems [contact]
International Turnkey Systems - ITS, a leading integrated information technology solutions and software services provider, offers superior products and services that enable organizations to keep pace with the evolving changes in today's competitive business environment, and to meet future challenges and opportunities.
ITS is comForte's distribution partner in the Middle East.
KCI IncorporatedKCI Incorporated [contact]
KCI, a subsidiary of Korea Computer Holdings Inc, which established in 1974, is the pioneer of Korea's IT Industry. As a "24/7 Nonstop & Real-time IT solution provider" for leading Finance/Telco/Public sector customers, KCI has various solution portfolios and offers professional consulting services with proven software/hardware products for mission-critical business areas. The company is based in Seoul, Korea. 
LT-CONSULT is a sales agent and reseller for a number of vendors in the HP NonStop market. LT-CONSULT provides business development for comForte and sells comForte products in Austria and the CEE region.
MagnuxMagnux [contact]
Magnux is a Chilean based company providing its customers with Information Technology services and professionals. A high level of commitment and excellence resulting in numerous successful projects have enabled Magnux to sustain continued growth since its beginnings. Magnux Ltd was established in 2001 and today its main customers are the leading Banks and Retailers in Chile. Magnux' experience in the HP NonStop space goes back 24 years. Magnux is comForte's distributor in Chile.
PT. Abhimata Persada PT. Abhimata Persada [contact]
PT. Abhimata Persada was established in 1990 in Jakarta as a subsidiary of PT. Elang Mahkota Teknologi to respond to the growing needs of Indonesia’s banking. Since then it has been steadily building up a strong local presence backed by proven skills and expertise of its personel. Currently, Abhimata Persada has grown to be an IT company with significant supporting role in Indonesia’s banking sector. More than 70 associates are working full time in each and every specific need of the banking industry, from advisory, supporting role to the role of implementor. PT Abhimata Persada is comForte's distribution partner in Indonesia.
SYSASAPSystem's ASAP [contact]
System's ASAP was founded in 1991 by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the IT area with the aim of offering their knowledge and expertise in developing integrated software solutions for companies using the latest techniques to achieve the highest quality results at the most reasonable cost.

System's ASAP focus their attention on information systems because they understand that the effective use of Information Technology has become a major critical success factor in today's increasingly competitive environment. System's ASAP IT service offerings include multimedia and communications technology applied to business, client-server platforms, training and outsourcing.

System's ASAP main office is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Over the last 20 years System's ASAP has established its presence in several Latin American countries, Spain and Puerto Rico.

System's ASAP is comForte's distributor in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.
 Syscom Computer Engineering Co.Syscom Computer Engineering Co. [contact]
Syscom, established in 1975, is Taiwan's leading systems integrator and e-commerce solutions provider. Syscom specializes in comprehensive solutions for financial institutions, high-tech manufacturing, governmental units, securities companies, healthcare and medical institutions, the telecommunication industry, and educational institutions.
Headquartered in Taipei, Syscom operates regional offices in Taiwan, Asia, and the Americas. Its Chinese operation, Syscom (Shenzhen) is based in Shenzhen, Syscom (Shenzhen) and has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and Chongqing.
The Syscom Group's 1,000 employees (300 in China) span the globe and include more than 400 engineers (100 in China) certified in CCIE, MCSA, and MCSE. Originally, a peripheral integrator, today Syscom provides an extensive portfolio of information technology services. Syscom is comForte's distribution partner for Taiwan and and Syscom (Shenzhen) for mainland China.